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Abigail Orrick is a Ph.D. student at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. Her research focuses on how community organizing, philanthropy, and personal ethics influence education policy. Specifically, Abigail draws from political and organizational sociology to understand how school communities navigate structural and organizational changes like emergency management, school closings, or district-to-charter conversions. Prior to beginning doctoral studies, she worked professionally in the nonprofit and youth development realms. 

Abigail collaborates on research with Professor Jal Mehta at Harvard and Assistant Professor Megan Tompkins-Stange at the University of Michigan. At Harvard, she is a Presidential Scholar, former Co-Chair of the Harvard Educational Review, and a teaching fellow for courses including Thinking Strategically about Reform, Designing for Deeper Learning, and Philanthropy and Education.


She is a born and raised Michigander and holds a BA and MPP from the University of Michigan, where as a graduate student she was a Weston Fellow in Education Policy and an Engaged Pedagogy Fellow. She is a novice cake decorator, public transportation enthusiast, and advocate for local food movements. 

You can view her CV here.

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